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44yo mtf (she/her/hers) Out: 14/Apr/2019 HRT: 07/Oct/2020 #transgendersouthafrica #transgender #transgirl #transisbeautiful
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To be, or not to be … that is the WRONG question. Just be who you are!


Charlie.MTF1 day ago
Born 16397 days ago
<-- a lot of shit happened between here and here -->
Found myself 642 days ago
HRT for 100 days
... and in 40 days I turn 45yo

Life seems fleeting when you look at it by only measuring milestones or big events. Fact is, when you count the scars (both physical and emotional), the bruises, the laugh lines, the sun spots, the wrinkles on your face, life suddenly seems full. Yeah sure, maybe not full of positive events, but still full.

I use to hate the fact that I only managed to find my true self so late in life, and fear I will not attain my life goals by the time my number gets punched, but I do not regret the journey. Many things I can look back on today and see it's value in my life. Understand how it has made me who I am. And I am thankful for who I am.

We struggle all our lives to be happy with ourselves. And although I want many more things for myself, at least now, in life 2.0, I can say that I am reaching contentment. I do not regret my choices. I do not regret the mujltitude of opportunities and failures. Each fork in the road has added experience, wisdom and value. Each obstacle has challenged, and helped me grow. I am the sum of all I have overcome.

Am I done? NO! There will be more hardships, more obstacles, more love, more LIFE. More opportunities to continue my journey. More failures. More wins. And I will be more. The sum of what I have become will increase.

There is always more to look forward to, and although the future scares me to the point of anxiety, panic and mortal dread, I am fueled and ready to meet it. And overcome it!

#transitiontuesday #transgender #lgbt #trans #lgbtq #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #transgirl #transpride #transwoman #thisiswhattranslookslike #mtf #transition #transitioning #transitioninghair #tip #tips #mtftransgender #mtftrans #mtftransition #transmtf #transgendermtf #TransitionTips #MomentsInTransition #transgendersouthafrica @genderpositive @genderdynamix @empoweredtranswoman @transfigurenation
Charlie.MTF1 week ago
Sometimes ... nothing you do feels right. From the moment you wake up, every action seems forced and wrong. Every comment or inquiry puts you on defense. Every criticism makes you vow to never help again. Sometimes anything ... and everything will set you off.

And in the quiet of your mind when the day is calm, you can’t find the cause. It just is. And you hate how it is. And you hate what it’s done. So tomorrow you vow to push past this darkness and force a light into your heart.

And you wake ... and you do ... and the day is better. And the next ... and the next. And you reflect on it at the end of the week and you wonder ... how many times did you need to force it ... and how many times was it just a good day because it was.

Sometimes ... everything you do ... just is. Stop overthinking it.
Charlie.MTF2 weeks ago
Due to timezones I chose to post this now ... and I chose to look at life for the beauty it possesses.

May the next year bring more steps forward than backward to all.